Real Estate Education

Backed by the American Dream Real Estate School, Thrive Real Estate Education is the Premier National Provider of comprehensive real estate training programs. We offer Pre-Licensing, Continuing Education, Professional Development, and specialized Brokerage programs. Our mission is to empower agents and brokerages to succeed and 'thrive' in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

Education Programs for Agents

Enhance your real estate accomplishments with Thrive Real Estate Education Programs! Backed by the American Dream Real Estate School, we bring you online Continuing Education (CE) and success-oriented courses, making learning convenient and flexible for you. No need for physical classrooms or traditional textbooks -- our online real estate courses are available at your convenience, accessible wherever you have internet connectivity.

With an expanding collection of success and professional development courses, we're dedicated to helping you master both your business and personal life. At Thrive, we believe in pursuing success holistically. Join us as we journey towards a more prosperous, efficient, and balanced lifestyle!


Our comprehensive Pre-Licensing courses provide aspiring agents with the essential knowledge and skills required to obtain their real estate license and kickstart a successful career in the real estate industry.

Continuing Education

Stay ahead in the dynamic real estate market by enrolling in our CE courses, which cover the latest trends, legal updates, negotiation strategies, and marketing techniques to help licensed agents excel.

Professional Development

Elevate your real estate career and stay ahead of the curve with our comprehensive professional development courses, designed to enhance your skills, knowledge, and expertise in a thriving and ever-evolving industry.

Success Together Programs

Success Together Programs for Real Estate Brokerages, Title Companies and Affiliates, Mortgage Companies, and Realtor Associations.

At Thrive Real Estate Education, symbiotic relationships are win-win-win, where real estate agents, brokerage firms, and industry leaders benefit through innovative programs.  Our goal is to enable real estate agents to achieve higher levels of success by providing them with industry-leading real estate education while simultaneously supporting our partners with greater profits. Therefore, we have built custom-branded platforms for Real Estate Brokerages, Title companies and other Affiliates, Mortgage companies, and Realtor Associations.  The Success Together program guarantees our partner’s growth, recruitment, retention, and a reliable income stream.