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I got 4 CE credits while having new tires installed!

As a busy Realtor, I feel like I am always pressed for time and like everyone else, those annoying life moments happen to us as well. Thanks to Thrive Real Estate Education, I was able to make great use of my time recently while I was waiting to get new tires installed on my vehicle. I just popped open my iPad and watched a CE video on the annual update course. This has never been so easy!

— John Marshall

It was December 28th and I needed 8 more credits.

Like most years, I procrastinated on getting my CE credits in. This past year was later than most and I realized that I only had 3 days to get the required 8 hours in. Thankfully, I signed up for Thrive Real Estate Education and was able to complete the classes in my PJ’s.  I made a big bowl of popcorn and streamed them on my big screen!

— Athena Flierl

CE made easy.

I am not a “classroom type” -- it always feels burdensome going to the classroom to take my CE courses, from the time spent driving to and from, and all the frustration and time wasted on questions and answers that I don’t have. I cannot begin to say how Thrive has changed the game for me. Now, I can do my CE from the comfort of my home, or even my hotel room while traveling. I can work CE around MY schedule, which has been a lifesaver. Thank you, Thrive!

— Jeff Crase

Success is where it’s at!

I love the option of being able to take CE courses online, but Thrive’s success and professional development courses have been extremely transformative for me. Dare I even say that Chandra Hall’s “Systems Make You Sane” may have changed my life! Please keep adding more of these amazing courses, Thrive -- I’m eating them up!

— Lisa Graziano

So happy for the introduction to Thrive!

This is a wonderful way to save money on required courses.  I can also take courses for learning things I have not even thought about.  The best part is I can do this in MY Time by taking the course on-line at home! I am very excited to get caught up with my Real Estate education!

— Margaret Scott

Thrive saved my a$$!

I won’t ever go back to the “old school” way of doing CE. This is the way forward. 

— Janelle Carwin

Wow! Professional development at its!?

I happen to live in a state where Thrive doesn’t yet offer CE, but I can’t even begin to explain the value I’ve found in their success courses. For the value, you really can’t beat their offerings. A single live professional development seminar like some of the ones they offer would cost hundreds alone.

— Debbie Moore

Thrive has saved me so much time and money.

The unlimited subscription offering is unbelievable. I can hardly believe I can knock out all of my CE and also get the bonus of professional development for a low monthly fee. Consider me a customer for life.

— Margo Cordrey

Too good to be true?

Nope - what you see is what you get here - most online CE offerings are just boring PowerPoints. Thrive offers both video AND PowerPoint, so you feel like you’re in the classroom, but you’re actually just sitting on the couch in your boxers knocking out CE. Yes.

— Randy Visorak


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